The largest collection of Culinary Herbs in the UK. 

Jekka's Herb Teas

'Jekka's Herbs at Canton Tea Co.'  

The Canton Tea Company is Britain’s foremost independent tea company and together we have created a new range of superior herbal infusions by combining Jekka’s unrivalled knowledge of organic herbs with Canton Tea’s skills in sourcing and blending award-winning teas. Together we are now launching the world’s finest loose leaf herbal teas comprising : Chamomile, Peppermint, Lemon Verbena, Lemon Grass, Hibiscus, Goodnight Tea, Elderflower & Lemon Verbena, Holy Basil, Triple Mint and British Foragers Blend. 

Alongside the new Canton Tea range we are still blending our own organic herbal, loose leaf teas, Jekka's Bright & Breezy Brew and Jekka's 3pm Tea, which are available to purchase below.

"I've been in the herb growing business for over two decades, and I've always made my own tea blends to share with friends and family.They encouraged me to produce a tea range for everyone to enjoy." - Jekka McVicar


Jekka's Lemon Grass Tea

From the organic Amba Estate in Sri Lanka comes a Lemongrass infusion like no other. It was love at first taste for Jekka. Commercial Lemongrass is dried in bunches for several days and then packed and sent for mechanical chopping by which time it is brown and has lost a lot of flavour. The Amba Estate Lemongrass is sorted, hand-cut and dried on the same day, preserving the wonderful fresh, bright green colour and aromatic citrus notes.

Loose leaf organic lemongrass

40g packed in a smart white tin

50g in a refill bag



Jekka's Peppermint Tea

The leaves of the peppermint,  Mentha piperita, have been used in food and as a medicinal ingredient for thousands of years. These whole organic dried leaves have been chosen as they retain a full flavour and release a wonderfully refreshing, zesty infusion. A great aid to digestion after a meal.

For the summer steep the whole leaves overnight in green tea to create a delicious iced tea.

Loose leaf organic peppermint

25g packed in a smart white tin

50g in a refill bag




Jekka's Chamomile Tea

This Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) is bright, sweet and smooth. Delicious to drink anytime of day but with the benefit of being soothing, it is ideal to drink after dinner and before bed to calm, relax and help sleep.

Loose whole organic chamomile flowers

40g packed in a smart white tin

50g in a refill bag



Refill 50g £4.00

Jekka's Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus is delicious hot or cold and the infusion is a beautiful, rich, deep scarlet with a cranberry-like flavour. Once the flowers of the Hibiscus sabdariffa have grown plump, juicy and red, they are hand-picked and naturally sun dried. Hibiscus is believed to have beneficial health properties and contains a high vitamin C content. It can be sweetened with honey or sugar to balance the tartness and bring out the fruity flavour of the infusion.

Loose organic hibiscus flowers

40g packed in a smart white tin

50g in a refill bag



50g refill £4.00

Jekka's Lemon Verbena Tea

The long, curly grey-green leaves of the Aloysia triphylla release a deliciously smooth infusion with a lemon scent  and bright fresh notes of cut grass tempered by a creamy softness. Native to South America and valued for its taste and health-giving properties, lemon verbena is naturally caffeine free and a popular digestif, perfect after dinner. Also called Verveine.

Whole organic lemon verbena leaves

15g packed in a smart white tin

75g in a refill bag



75g refill £9.00

Jekka's Goodnight blend

Jekka has been blending this soothing herbal infusion for many years.  It is a mixture of lemon verbena, lemongrass, lavender and lime blossom and is fragrant with floral and citrus notes. Perfect for drinking in the evening, before bed to help you relax and sleep deep.

Loose organic tea blend

40g packed in a smart white tin

50g refill bag



50g refill £4.50


Jekka's ElderFlower & Lemon Verbena

Jekka chose this to marry natural floral sweetness with a deep lemony base.
Elder is a wild, self-seeding, ancient English hedgerow shrub. It produces beautiful creamy white umbels, the mass of delicate white honey-scented flowers which we use in this infusion. The downy, dark green leaves of lemon verbena carry deep citrus notes and together they combine the refreshing sweet, floral notes of summer. 
Loose leaf tea blend
40g packed in a smart white tin
50g refill bag


Jekka's British Forager's Blend

Jekka's delicious mix of the flowers, leaves and hips of the British hedgerow.
This is a glorious celebration of the variety of the British hedgerow. Hawthorn flowers and leaves lend a floral sweetness, the hips of the wild rose add colour and a soft rounded taste, the nettles a deeper, greener flavour and wild strawberry leaf brings a fragrant fruit note. Jekka's carefully blended and balanced whole is even more than the sum of its parts.This is a unique blend that celebrates an ancient and valuable knowledge that has been handed down through generations, it has character and flavour that is compelling and moreish and we believe will fast become a firm favourite.
Loose leaf tea blend
40g packed in a smart white tin
50g refill bag


Jekka's English Summer Garden

Roses, strawberries, lemon verbena and a hint of mint. 

Developed by Jekka in celebration of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014, this herbal blend distils the essence of an English Summer Garden into your teacup. A fragrant floral combination of rose, strawberry leaf, lemon verbena, calendula, blue cornflowers and a hint of spearmint. Blend it hot for a hit of garden flowers in sunshine, or cold for a refreshing summer tipple.

Loose leaf tea blend

25g packed in a smart white tin

50g refill bag

50g refill £7.00


Jekka's Holy Basil (Spicy Basil)

A delicious herb, revered for its health-giving properties throughout Asia.
The leaves of the Holy Basil or Tulsi release a peppery aromatic infusion with a wonderful, full-flavoured depth. Cultivated for religious and medicinal purposes for centuries in Asia, Holy Basil is used a great deal in Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) and is a sacred plant to Hindus. Jekka has chosen this as a single infusion because it has such an unusual and delicious flavour, surprisingly smooth, sweet but slightly spicy and rich in antioxidants.
Loose whole organic Tulsi/Holy Basil leaf tea
40g packed in a smart white tin
50g refill bag


Jekka's Triple Mint

A brilliant combination of three unusual mints to delight the senses.
If you're looking for the best mint tea in the world then this is it. A combination of Wild Jordanian Mint, British Black Peppermint and Water Mint together give an incredible depth and a clean, bright flavour. The mix of spearmint and peppermint will cool and refresh the palate. Jekka is a world authority on mints and has taken us into a new dimension with this blend. The result is a carefully balanced infusion that will delight any lover of mint tea.

NB This product contains water mint which is not suitable for pregnant women.
Loose leaf mint blend
40g packed in a smart white tin
50g refill bag
40g Tin £6.00