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Jekka's Herb Teas

"I've been in the herb growing business for over two decades, and I've always made my own tea blends to share with friends and family.They encouraged me to produce a tea range for everyone to enjoy." - Jekka McVicar


Jekka's Peppermint Tea

The leaves of the peppermint,  Mentha piperita, have been used in food and as a medicinal ingredient for thousands of years. These whole organic dried leaves have been chosen as they retain a full flavour and release a wonderfully refreshing, zesty infusion. A great aid to digestion after a meal.

For the summer steep the whole leaves overnight in green tea to create a delicious iced tea.

Loose leaf organic peppermint

25g packed in a smart white tin



25g Tin £6.00

Jekka's Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus is delicious hot or cold and the infusion is a beautiful, rich, deep scarlet with a cranberry-like flavour. Once the flowers of the Hibiscus sabdariffa have grown plump, juicy and red, they are hand-picked and naturally sun dried. Hibiscus is believed to have beneficial health properties and contains a high vitamin C content. It can be sweetened with honey or sugar to balance the tartness and bring out the fruity flavour of the infusion.

Loose organic hibiscus flowers

50g in a refill bag



50g refill £4.00

Jekka's Holy Basil (Spicy Basil)

A delicious herb, revered for its health-giving properties throughout Asia.
The leaves of the Holy Basil or Tulsi release a peppery aromatic infusion with a wonderful, full-flavoured depth. Cultivated for religious and medicinal purposes for centuries in Asia, Holy Basil is used a great deal in Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) and is a sacred plant to Hindus. Jekka has chosen this as a single infusion because it has such an unusual and delicious flavour, surprisingly smooth, sweet but slightly spicy and rich in antioxidants.
Loose whole organic Tulsi/Holy Basil leaf tea
40g packed in a smart white tin
40g Tin £6.00