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Jekka's Herb Cookbook

Published June 2010, Jekka's Herb Cookbook is a unique and beautiful volume containing over 250 original recipes, such as 'Stevia Lemonade', 'Tree Spinach Mash' and 'Violet Apple Cake.' Jekka's top 50 culinary herbs, with a foreword by Jamie Oliver. And illustrated from cover to cover by Hannah McVicar.


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Hardback £30.00

Seeds: the ultimate guide to growing successfully from seed

This is a fully comprehensive guide to please even the most thorough grower. Beginning with an overview of the nature of seeds, including how they are pollinated and fertilised, Jekka draws on her extensive experience, describing when and how to harvest, sort and store each seed. With the foundation laid, the main scope of the book begins: how does one grow specific plants from seeds? With practical growing instructions and planting recipes, the book covers over 500 genera, with many more varieties and cultivars, in practical and extensive detail. The range is enormous: alpines, annuals, aquatic plants, trees, herbs and cacti are just a few of the many categories of plants discussed, with helpful cross-referencing and photography to spur the reader into action.


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