The largest collection of Culinary Herbs in the UK. 

Herbs in the Herbetum

The following pages lists all of the herbs featured in our Herbetum. Our herb plants are available for purchase direct from the farm at our Open days or by Collection, by prior arrangment. All of our herbs are propagated and trialled at the herb farm and grown for the British garden. Available in 1lt and 2lt pots.

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PD01 Dianthus deltoides AGM Maiden Pink

Fully hardy perennial, Ht. 10 cm. Fragrant pink flowers all summer, small dark green leaves. Use petals in salads and puddings.

Aspect : Full Sun

Flower colour : Pink

Hardiness : Hardy

Type : Perennial

PD03 Digitalis purpurea Foxglove

Fully hardy biennial, Ht. up to 1.8 m. Tubular purple flowers in the second early summer. Large green lance shaped leaves. The whole plant is POISONOUS. Medicinal, do NOT self administer.

Aspect : Partial Shade/Moist

Flower colour : Purple

Hardiness : Hardy

Type : Biennial

PD04 Diplotaxis muralis Wild Rocket

Fully hardy perennial, Ht. 75 cm. Small yellow 4 petalled flowers in summer. Deeply divided aromatic leaves which are delicious in salads, they have a more intense flavour than Salad Rocket. Plant in partial shade. 

Aspect : Partial Shade

Flower colour : Yellow

Hardiness : Hardy

Type : Perennial

PD05 Dipsacus fullonum Fullers Teasel

Fully hardy biennial, Ht. 2m. Large globular flower heads in summer. The tiny mauve flowers open in bands. Oval prickly leaves. The seeds are attractive to birds especially finches.

Aspect : Full Sun/Partial Shade

Flower colour : Mauve

Hardiness : Hardy

Type : Biennial